Community Outreach South Florida

Since our inception, we knew we wanted to give back to the community in which we thrive. As our company was founded during a global crisis and pandemic, its only fitting that we do our part in helping the less fortunate. A number of clients saw our community outreach to the South Florida community and were generous in donating their purchased products, instead of taking delivery of them personally. All donations thus far have been given to Broward Partnership for the Homeless. As they house 75 currently homeless South Floridians, they were in constant need of hand sanitizers for their people as well as our sanitizing surface cleaned. Learn more at

The name of our hand sanitizer, Helping Hands, means more than just protecting your hands from bacteria and viruses. It also means to help whenever you can. I met a gentleman named Bill in my apartment complex elevator who is a nurse consultant. I asked if he had any n95 masks and he said NO. He went on to explain to me that he was making masks out of old t-shirts. I said that’s ridiculous and grabbed a box full of n95 masks for him as a donation to all the nurses he worked with. If you know any healthcare worker who needs n95 mask please request one from me at no charge.

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